You’ve successfully connected your TiVo® box to your home network, enabling a number of exciting new Home Media features:

Transfer recordings between your TiVo box and your computer for viewing anywhere!

Improved Online Scheduling
If your home network uses a high-speed broadband connection, you can now schedule recordings as little as one hour** before air time. All you need is a web browser and Internet connection.  Without broadband, this can take up to 36 hours.

Music & Photos
Stream music and photo files from your computer to your TiVo box and enjoy them in your living room.

Transfer shows from one TiVo to another*
If you have more than one TiVo® Series2 DVR connected to your home network, you can transfer a show from the living room to the bedroom.

Connect to the TiVo service without a phone line
If your home network has a high-speed broadband connection, you can now use the Internet to connect to the TiVo service and eliminate the need for a land based phone line! 

For more information on Home Media features, visit www.tivo.com now. For help, visit www.tivo.com/support.

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* Not available on TiVo Series3 Recorders
** Actual time may vary due to network peformance and other factors beyond TiVo's control.